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About Us

Let Our Family Serve Your Family!

Since 1961, Larry and Betty Hanselman have been the proprietors of the Schnitzelbank Restaurant, a well-known landmark in the predominantly German community of Jasper, Indiana. The Schnitzelbank Restaurant has gone through several transformations over the years and has evolved into a destination in itself, giving patrons an opportunity to dine in an “Olde World” ambiance. The spacious bar serves up a full line of imported beers, featuring several beers and schnapps from Germany, as well as a variety of German & Indiana wines.

With the help of their six children, and now a new generation of grandchildren, the Hanselman’s businesses now includes the Schnitzelbank Restaurant, Schnitzelbank Catering, the Jasper Hampton Inn, Schnitz Brewery & Pub, and KlubHaus 61.

Meet the Family!

Larry & Betty Hanselman – Founders and Owners since 1961
Gail Hettinger – Co-Owner (Daughter of Larry & Betty)
Alan Hanselman – Co-Owner (Son of Larry & Betty)
Lori Braun – Catering General Manager (Daughter of Larry & Betty)
Jill Otto – Restaurant Manager (Daughter of Larry & Betty)
D.J. Hanselman – General Manager of Operations (Grandson of Larry & Betty)
Shelby Hettinger - General Manager of Sales & Marketing (Granddaughter of Larry & Betty)


Enjoy our Glockenspiel!

Glockenspiel: percussion, musical instrument, consisting of a series of metal bars tuned to a chromatic scale and mounted in two rows. It is played by a pair of knobbed beaters and produces a high-pitched, bell-like sound.

Our glockenspiel is housed in the clock tower and makes the art of telling time a lot more fun. Our glockenspiel normally plays on the hour and the half hour. Don’t miss the experience of watching the figures emerge while you are listening to the music. We will be happy to demonstrate our 'glockenspiel' for you. If your visit doesn't happen to be at the normal times, just ask at the reservations desk, we'll treat you to a private serenade.